Tool 2014 Concert Reviews

Tool’s concert tour is one fans have been waiting for a long time now. While members of the band dipped into other side projects ranging from books, visual art, and even winemaking, fans have constantly begged for more live performances. Finally they got what they asked for. Tool will be touring all spring, and the reviews of the first shows came in hot! Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

The highlight of the night came with the singular performance of the title track of Tool’s third studio record Lateralus. Of all the songs from their extensive back-catalog, this is the one that inevitably exemplifies just how adept and necessary each individual member of the group is to the creation of their distinctive, unmistakable sound. From Carey’s devastating hand and footwork, to Jones dynamic use of atmosphere and bombast, from Chancellor’s dexterous, rhythmic bass runs to Keenan’s sometimes angelic sometimes menacing vocal lines the whole inevitably becomes greater than the sum of its parts.” –

Tool’s 2014 Tour Setlist:

“Hooker With A Penis”
“Forty-Six & 2”

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