Textures Tour Dates 2018

Textures is a metal lineup from the Netherlands, formed in 2001. Textures’ group revolves around founding members Jochem Jacobs, Stef Broks and Bart Hennephof, and bassist Remko Tielemans who joined in 2007. Since 2010, vocalist Daniël de Jongh and keyboardist Uri Dijk have been with the band.

The lineup plays a complex and innovative style, influenced by progressive metal, metalcore, technical death metal and groove metal. They also incorporate melodic interludes and experiment with a wide variety of multi-layered musical influences. On their first release, Polars, they also experimented with ambient soundscapes, before fusing the ambient and riffs together more closely on later releases.

Textures first followed to the spotlight with their debut album Polars with Listenable Records which won an Essent Award for ‘Most Promising Act’ in 2004. Since then, the group gave us 2 more units with Listenable Records, 2006’s Drawing Circles and 2008’s Silhouettes after signing to Nuclear Blast records.

The ensemble also recently played their first ever show in India, co-headlining the Deccan Rock Festival in Bangalore on 5th December 2009 along with Amon Amarth. The band came back to India in October 2010, performing in New Delhi at the annual festival of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Rendezvous 2010.