Shinedown Tour Dates 2015

Shinedown is an American rock group from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 2001 and created by members Brent Smith, Brad Stewart, Jasin Todd, and Barry Kerch. Zach Myers joined Shinedown as a hosting shows rhythm guitar player in 2005, before becoming their temporary bassist after the departure of Brad Stewart in 2007. In early 2008, he assumed the role of permanent rhythm guitar player. On December 18, 2008 Nick Perri, who was the lead guitar player after the departure of Jasin Todd, also exited Shinedown, leaving Zach to assume the role of the band’s rhythm and lead guitarist. The band has gave us three copies on Atlantic Records. They have gave us several popular singles, such as “45”, “Heroes”, “Save Me”, “Devour”, “Sound of Madness”, “Second Chance”, and “If You Only Knew”. They have sold over 8 million units worldwide.

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I wish on here there was atleast a list of where Shinedown would be having concerts this year!!


Why are there no 2011 concert dates posted? When will they be back in St. Louis


OMG,,,I cannot believe it is this flippin' hard to find a concert date list for Shinedown in 2011!!!!


i agree with Holly, we need to have a list of venues that Shinedown are playng, especially in the UK!!


I sure enjoyed see Shinedown last year on May 5th 2010. Wished they would come back to Spokane Washington again.


Met you guys in Cincy when you were getting started. Watched the WEBN fireworks with you guys. WOW! You have really come a long way! Congrats on all of your success! My son is now one of your biggest fans! It’s nice to tell him that you were all such great guys! Had a blast! Thanks for being fantastic! Keep making great music that moves the soul and lasts forever!

jenna l.

is shinedown coming to florida for a concert this year before october 17??? my boyfriend is a HUGE fan i mean this shinedown is his favorite band. i wanted to take him to their concert before he goes to boot camp to join army in october.


I saw Shinedowd at Charlotte what a show. can't wait for a return of the best band ever.. and I am 50. rock on senior pop. Shinedown rules.

Shinedown ROCKS

I have went to 2 concerts! the sound of madness tour in Louisiana. Then acoustic in Texas. They r
the sh*t. They did such a great job , it takes time to be great. I'm almost positive we will hear something soon. I just wounder if 10 Years in gonna be touring with them again. Love you SHINEDOWN!!!!!!!


seen them in ft wayne w/three days grace n p.o.d they were kick ass!!!!! truely an unforgettable n irreplaceable nite cant wait to c them agian:)


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