Primus Tour Dates 2018

Primus is an American rock group formed in 1984, currently composed of singer and bass player Les Claypool, guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde, and drummer Jay Lane. Primus originally formed with Claypool, Todd Huth and Lane, with the latter two departing the group before Primus’s debut release Suck on This, being took the place by drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander and Larry LaLonde. at a time of this lineup, the ensemble released four studio albums: Frizzle Fry, featuring “John the Fisherman”, Sailing the Seas of Cheese, featuring “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” and “Tommy the Cat”, Pork Soda featuring “My Name Is Mud” and Tales from the Punchbowl, featuring their most commercially popular single, “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”. In 1996, Alexander left Primus and was took the place by Bryan “Brain” Mantia, with whom they would later release Brown record and Antipop before placing Primus on hiatus in 2000. They were also known for creating the original theme for “South Park” in 1997.

In 2003, Claypool and LaLonde reunited with Tim Alexander and put forth a DVD/EP, Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People, before giving concerts from 2003 through 2004. In 2010, it was announced that original drummer Jay Lane had reunited with the ensemble for a cross-country tour, and later digitally put forth the free June 2010 Rehearsal EP.

Primus are characterized by their irreverent and repeatedly non-serious approach to material. They have issued some of their records on Claypool’s Prawn Song Records label, the title of which is a parody of Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label.

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