Kiss & Def Leppard Tour Together in 2014

The ultimate in 80’s rock has just announced that they will be teaming up and hitting the road together in 2014 for a world tour! KISS & Def Leppard will join forces to play over 40 dates across the U.S.! The tour is being billed as the biggest rock and roll event this summer.

You have two bands who to one degree or another have stood the test of time and put them together and you’ll have a great night of music,” said Paul Stanley of Kiss in an interview. “We’re living in a time now where everyone wants more for their money, and that’s understandable. So, when you can get two bands to collaborate together, we couldn’t pick a better band for this tour than Def Leppard to go out with us.

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott said it’s not likely the two bands will perform together.

We’re not jam bands either of us,” Elliott said in an interview from Dublin. “It’s very theatrical what Kiss does to a lesser extent obviously ’cause we don’t do the makeup thing, our show runs like a military operation for sure. It’s not like the Grateful Dead and Phish touring or something.

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