Out of all the post-Nirvana alternative bands to successfully win over the pop mainstream, Green Day were second only to Pearl Jam in terms of reputation. At their core, Green Day were simply punk revivalists who recharged the energy of speedy, catchy three-chord punk-pop songs. Though their music wasn’t particularly innovative, they brought the sound of late-’70s punk to a new, younger generation with Dookie, their 1994 major-label debut. Dookie sold over ten million copies, paving the way for a string of multi-platinum releases that opened the doors for a flood of American neo-punk, punk metal, and third wave ska revivalists. More than a decade later, as many of their former contemporaries settled into retirement, Green Day remained at the forefront of popular songs with albums like the Grammy-winning American Idiot.

Green Day arose from the Northern California underground punk rock scene. Childhood friends Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vox) and Mike Dirnt (bass; born Mike Pritchard) formed their first band, Sweet Children, in Rodeo, CA, when they were 14 years old. By 1989, the band had added drummer Al Sobrante and changed its name to Green Day. That same year, the group independently gave us its first EP, 1000 Hours, which was well received in the California hardcore punk rock scene. Soon, the ensemble had signed a record deal with the local independent label Lookout. Green Day’s first full album, 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour, was put forth later that year. Shortly after its release, the band took replaced Sobrante with Tre Cool (born Frank Edwin Wright III), who became the band’s permanent drummer.

Throughout the early ’90s, Green Day continued to cultivate a cult following, which only gained strength with the release of their second album, 1992′s Kerplunk. The underground success of Kerplunk led to a wave of interest from major album labels, and the lineup eventually decided to sign with Reprise. Dookie, Green Day’s major-label debut, was gave us in the spring of 1994. Thanks to MTV support for the initial single, “Longview,” Dookie became a major hit. The record continued to gain momentum throughout the summer, with the second single, “Basket Case,” spending five weeks on the top of the American modern rock charts. At the end of the summer, the band garnered the show at Woodstock ’94, which helped the sales of Dookie expand. By the time the fourth single, “When I Come Around,” began its seven-week stay at number one on the modern rock charts in early 1995, Dookie had sold over five million units in the U.S. alone; it would eventually top ten million in America, selling over 15 million copies internationally. Dookie also won the 1994 Grammy for Best Alternative songs Performance.

Green Day rapidly followed Dookie with Insomniac in the fall of 1995; during the summer, they hit number one again on the modern rock charts with “J.A.R.,” their contribution to the Angus soundtrack. Insomniac performed well initially, entering the U.S. charts at number two and selling over two million units by the spring of 1996, yet none of its singles — including the radio favorite “Brain Stew/Jaded” — were as popular as those from Dookie. In the spring of 1996, Green Day abruptly canceled a European tour, claiming exhaustion. not long after the cancellation, the band spent the rest of the year resting and writing new material before issuing Nimrod in late 1997. Three years later, their long-awaited follow-up, a refreshingly poppy album titled Warning, was gave us. Another long wait preceded 2004′s American Idiot, an aggressive rock opera that became a surprise success — a chart-topper around the world, a multi-platinum Grammy winner, and easily the best reviewed record of their career. Green Day reveled in the album’s success, hitting numerous award shows and performing as part of Live 8 in July 2005. That fall brought the release of Bullet in a Bible, a concert album that documented the trio’s expansive Idiot live show.

With their popularity and commercial viability restored, Green Day took on several small projects before returning to the studio. They contributed a cover of John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” to the charity album Instant Karma, appeared in The Simpsons Movie, and recorded an entire album of ’60s-styled rock & roll under the alias of Foxboro Hot Tubs. while presenting an award at the Grammys in early 2009, the band announced the impending release of Green Day’s eighth album, 21st Century Breakdown, which had been recorded with veteran producer Butch Vig.

Event Venue Date/Time  
Old Settler's Music Festival - 4 Day Pass The Salt Lick
Driftwood, TX
Old Settler's Music Festival - 3 Day Pass The Salt Lick
Driftwood, TX

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    we love youuuuuu!

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    Y'all are my favorite band ever, and always will be.
    I've never been to a concert, of yours or any others(Who else would be worth it?), and I would love it so much if y'all could come to San Antonio, Texas, some time in the [near] future.

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    Rock. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years. Soo keep doing what your doing because you guys are awesome

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    Omfg you went in Czech,Germany,UK,France, Spain,Austria,……….why not in Slowakia ???!!!!! come PLLLLLLLLSSS :)

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    New york needs you guys to give us the honor of your presance again…PLEASE!!!!

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    pplz come to colorado huge fan of green day
    love when i come around and christie road as well as burnout

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    Hey Green Day come to Toronto, Ontario. I;m dying to see one of your concerts! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    i’ll be waiting for you here in Manila! XD

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    Been a fan since I was 8 years old! Cleveland Ohio girl whose first official CD was Dookie….got in trouble for it at first, but my parents couldn’t hear the music with my crappy headphones (that the jack was spun around every minute to avoid crackling in mom’s 100 pound PC.) I have loved you guys since then and 20 years later, still do!!! Please come back to cleveland and give me a chance to see you Live before I turn 30!! Love always!

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