Eddie Vedder Tour Dates 2018

Eddie Vedder is an American musician and singer-songwriter who currently serves as the lead singer and one of three guitarists for the American alternative rock ensemble Pearl Jam. Vedder exited the Southern California material scene and moved to Seattle, Washington in 1990 to become a part of Pearl Jam where he rose to fame amid the grunge era of the early 1990s. He is notable for his baritone vocal style, and considered a cultural icon of alternative rock.

He was also involved in other material outside of Pearl Jam, including motion picture soundtrack work and contributions to copies by other performers. In 2007, Vedder put forth his first solo album as a soundtrack for the film Into the Wild (2007). His second album, Ukulele Songs, along with a live DVD titled Water on the Road, are scheduled for release on 31 May 2011.