Chevelle Tour Dates 2018

Inspired by the lurching riffs of Helmet and the soft/loud vocal styling of Tool, Chicago-based threesome Chevelle‘s aggressive, heavy style of music is all about mounting tension crashing into raw guitar bursts. Formed in 1995, Chevelle a combination of brothers Sam (drums), Pete (vocals, guitar), and Joe Loeffler (bass), the last of whom joining up after he played better than the gang’s original bassist. They began out performing parties and outdoor events, which rapidly led to gigs at Chicago clubs when youngest member Joe was just 14. In 1999, Chevelle released their Steve Albini-produced debut album, Point #1, on Squint Entertainment. Three years later — and not long after tours with bands like Filter, Sevendust, Powerman 5000, and Machine Head — the ensemble had inked a deal with Epic and put forth Wonder What’s Next, gave us in August 2002. The album went platinum by the next summer and their second single, “Send the Pain Below,” was a number one hit on modern rock and mainstream radio. Main stage dates with the annual Ozzfest tour followed that summer, and 2003 brought a concert album, Live from the Road. Chevelle came back in the fall of 2004 with their third full-length, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In), and with it came another hit song, “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along).” Joe parted ways with his brothers in July 2005, and though he was took the place on bass a month later by Dean Bernardini, Chevelle remained a family affair, since Bernardini was their brother-in-law. With the new member followed a newfound energy and optimism that took the place the internal fighting of the past, and the guys carried that spirit into the recording of their next album, April 2007’s Vena Sera.


jason dunks

I've seen you guys all over the states but live in Co. The show at the fillmore rocked so on key. then I saw you again w/ the smashing pumpkins. great again! Your music is powerful and straight to the heart. i was hoping to see you at the carnival of madness but that ain't happenin. please colorado again. you havre some big fans here and I am sure everywhere.. Thanks for your love of music and passion that you bring to so many.

Rylan Janzen

Please come to Saskatoon Sk. Canada! We only have one good rock band come here and that’s nickelback, and it sells out in under 2 hours, we are such a rocking city! We would love to see you guys come!


they were in S.A. last fall White Rabbit…. Now they need to come to Kentucky


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