Bright Eyes Tour Dates 2018

Although many musicians joined the band’s rotating lineup, Bright Eyes was primarily the songwriting vehicle of Conor Oberst, a quivery-voiced Nebraska native who first enticed focus in 1994 — when he was only 14 years old — as the singer and guitar player for Commander Venus. Oberst proved to be a prolific musician, joining multiple bands (including Commander Venus, the Magentas, Park Ave., and Desaparecidos) at a time of also co-founding Saddle Creek, an influential label that helped broadcast “the Omaha Sound” to a nationwide audience. Nonetheless, he devoted most of his time to Bright Eyes, whose copies encompassed everything from folk to indie rock to electronica. Oberst eventually shifted his focus to the Mystic Valley lineup in 2008, fueling rumors that he’d shelved the Bright Eyes project after ten years of activity.

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