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Rock Concerts are more than just an event, they are an experience that cannot compare to anything else in life. From the moment your favorite artist announces their tour schedule, your heart starts pumping, and you begin scrambling to find tickets to the rock concert. Tickets in hand, you show up at the concert venue and are surrounded by music and sights and sounds. T-shirt vendors, beer gardens, fans from all over the region, all clamoring to be in the same rock concert you are. You push your way to the best seats in the house, trying to get the best view you possibly can for the rock concert that is about to begin. Then the lights go dim… a slow rumble starts growling from the stage… your heart is leaping out of your chest… the first screaming guitar chord comes ripping through the air.

THAT is what rock concerts are all about. Rock Concerts are about the lights, the smells, the sounds, the packed people, and everything else. But mostly, rock concerts are about the excitement that you can’t find anywhere else. Rock concerts are about the music that moves you… that shakes you right to the bone. And that’s what we want to share with you.


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